Assassin Creed 3

by benoitdemontreal posted October 28, 2012

On Assassin Creed 3, I have been responsible of:

  • HUD: Mock Ups/Motion Design/Flash Design/Blooming and Plexus Animations Transitions
  • HUD: Integration/Optimization in the Engine
  • MENUS: Flash Animation/blooming transitions
  • MENUS: New 3D tech: cameras positioning,FX positioning, Flash elements
  • MENUS: 3D Main Menu/3D Shop Menu Polishing.

AC3 HUD Screenshot

HUD Video Sequence
MAIN MENU Video Sequence
SHOP MENU Video Sequence
MISSION END Video Sequence

Naval HUD Iteration


AC3 Mission Update Iteration


AC3 Eavesdropping Iteration

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